Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Satisfied DENAS Customers with Proven Results offer their Testimonials how DENAS therapy helped their Chronic Pain and health issues

Our family had two very bright cases with the application of Denas-therapy! First one happened with me. I lay in Denas blanket during 3 days for 10 minutes every day. I made an appointment to the proctologist and I rushed to surgery! Honestly I have been delayed for two months with it! After surgery I went home, it is difficult for doctors to treat me because of my multipartial allergy! So the surgeon did not oppose, but warned that the pain should be very strong, so we should give the injection of strong anesthetic! My husband bought a lot of drugs for me. Anesthesia after surgery was finished, all family was waiting for my signal to make injection, but I was silent, pain was comfortable! In a week on the sly from all I have washed window! Only when I reread passport of the blanket, I realized what the reason was for the lack of pain! The second case happened with my son! Sprained muscles in a gym! He came from training and could barely walk. Put him in the blanket for 30 minutes. Worked with DiaDens-PCM, then put Bonavtilin cream on the affected areas. He slept for 2 hours, and then went to the garage to repair car. The next day went on a business trip. All day was driving a car. I had worked by device two times more and we didn’t returning to this theme anymore!
Madison Keys
Detroit, USA
A friend of my cousin told me about Russian device for pain. I work many years in my business garage working on automobiles and big freight trucks. My back was damage 10 years ago when I lift motor wrong. So I buy the machine and hope it gives me escape from pain. After 2 weeks of therapy on my back I no longer have back pain. My children read manual and use for cold congestion and allergies with good experience. I happy for this buy and thank you to Russians for technology. It is blessings for family and my pain.
Stavros Bakatsias
Volos Greece
A couple of years ago I became very distressed with pain in the cervical spine – apparently sedentary work began to produce its adverse effects. I went out from neurologist’s consulting room with a diagnosis of “cervical osteochondrosis” and a very long list of medications. During first year of treatment I tried every possible means, as it seemed: ointments, tablets and popular recipes, quarterly massage courses. The pain was gone for a while, only to return back and continue to cause discomfort. This continued until a colleague suggested to try the device “Osteo-DENS, which was presented to her. I tried it. After the first 15 minutes of the device’s work pain was gone! I was pleased with simple intuitive control – only 4 buttons, and any action immediately displayed. A week later I bought my own device, because during the methodical use I forgot about the pain. For almost a year I am living without pain, and Osteo-DENS has become an indispensable tool for this. And I advise it to everyone. Also thanks to the program “Relaxation”: Osteo-DENS can be applied for a quick relaxation in the evening after a hard day and for an easy falling asleep.
Texas, USA
A year ago I’ve bought DiaDENS-PCM. I read a manual, visited a DENAS seminar, mastered the device’s application principles, applied it on others and myself. I learned how to quickly remove fatigue, headaches. Then I bought a DENS-glasses, and I realized what a miracle device Ive got. My husband sciatica’s pain was aggravated. I worked with the apparatus as described in the manual and pain was gone after three hours. I treated intercostal neuralgia during two treatment courses with two week intervals. And now, my husband forgot about the disease.
Kishtim, Russia

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