Saturday, June 27, 2015

Best Pain Relief Available

     People around the world are sick and tired of having to deal with pain! There are many types of pain ranging from a headache to chronic backpain, menstrual pain to arthritic pain. Pain can be acute or sudden pain and if left untreated it can develop into chronic crippling pain. In today's rat race society with dual income families striving to succeed at all cost.We look for the most convenient solution.

     Big pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars advertising their pain relief pills, lotions and potions. Sprays with menthol or capsacin that either trick the brain to forget the pain because it's COOL  or the HEAT from capsacin pepper heats up the affected area to take your mind off the underlying issue. You can achieve the same effects with patches that contain either Lidocaine, Menthol or Capsacin. 

      Then for those lucky people that have insurance or have time to go to the doctor, will be evaluated and most likely be given a prescription for a anti-inflammatory or even worse narcotic drugs.

     Whether you take over the counter pills for pain or prescribed medications they all have side effects and some that can even lead to death. Have you ever slowed down and listened to the end disclaimers on advertisements of drugs on the T.V. or Radio?
     Using XXXXX may cause stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, do not take while pregnant but we still swallow the pills.
     I will never forget close to a decade ago on Super Bowl Sunday. We were watching a commercial that had millions of viewers, when suddenly a house full of football fans heard that famous tag line, An Erection lasting more that 4 hours needs immediate medical attention. That got everyone's attention but no one listened to all of the other side effects ?

     Finally we have the Best pain relief available. The Technology was invented on Russia in the early 1970's Doctor Alexander Kerasev created a drug free, non invasive electro neuro therapy called SCENAR. The technology was kept Top Secret for decades and used by the Russian Athletes to overcome injuries and trauma during the Olympics. 

     After the collapse of the USSR in 1991 the knowledge expanded throughout Europe, UK and Asia where it is used by hospitals, clinics and therapist. In1998 after working with Professor Kerasev, DENAS Corporation introduced an advanced form of SCENAR that was more user friendly and was licensed by the Russian Ministry of Health for use by Hospitals, Clinics, Therapist but also could be purchased and used by families at home.

     Today almost two decades later with Millions of satisfied customers DENAS devices have become the peoples choice worldwide. They can be used by newborns to age 105. Denas is drug free, safe and effective with no recorded side effects in over 40 years. 
     Denas Pain Relief Store is the # 1 Authorized Web Store Worldwide located in the USA. Offering unmatched customer service with free lifetime training and support. Authentic Denas Devices with Fast 2 day delivery in the US verses 2- 5 week delivery time when ordered from Russia. When it's time to purchase your DENAS products be sure to shop with someone you can Trust and Speaks English.  Denas Pain Relief Store is your official USA Headquarters for Genuine Denas Products, Training and Support.

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