Saturday, June 27, 2015

DENAS Complex

DENAS Complex
With Coach Jimmy K
The DENAS Complex was released in mid May by the DENAS MS Corporation. It has been labeled as The Gold Standard for Alternative Medicine. For pictures and more information it can be found at DENAS Pain Relief Store. Official USA Headquarters for Genuine DENAS Product, Training & Support.
The DENAS Complex has been developed for the professional therapist and alternative medicine specialist and is also available for family use at home. The DENAS Complex can be used in the clinic by setting the unit on a cart or counter, it can also be used as a portable clinic for house calls or sports medicine on the field. Included are the following attachments for therapy application, Massage Electrodes, Applicators, Dens GlassesReflexo Pad for the feet The DENAS Complex comes with a carrying case which houses the unit and attachments.
The DENAS Complex is user friendly with on board computer and monitor screen that highlights treatment zones, visible timer and suggested attachments for therapy application. The DENAS Complex now offers 50 preset modes for health issues compared to the top of the line hand held PCM4 which offers 24 modes. Currently the on board menu is in Russian language only but Denas Pain Relief Store will offer an English Translation Manual.
The DENAS Complex continues to offer the popular MED mode as well as the Screening mode which includes memory for storing previous screening numbers. This cutting edge technology continues to offer Hospital, Clinics and Therapist and individuals a drug free non invasive alternative approach for acute and chronic pain as well as internal health issues. Safe and effective with no side effects makes DENAS therapy the choice of millions worldwide.
For more information or to purchase a DENAS Complex for your practice contact Official USA Headquarters Denas Pain Relief Store @ 503-395-4142

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